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 GERMAGIC™ is a germicidal technology owned by Chiaphua Industries Limited. The essence of GERMAGIC™ technology is using encapsulation technology for the controlled-release of active antimicrobials. GERMAGIC™ is relevant to multiple disciplines, which consist of air sanitation, water sanitation and waste management. All GERMAGIC™ products have gone through lively testing and medical studies to ensure high efficiency and first-rate performance. Our third-party test sites are covered in China, UK, and the USA.

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Brand: Germagic

GERMAGIC™ THYME Proactive Disinfectant Spray - 300ml

Buy  GERMAGIC™ THYME Proactive Disinfectant Product Details Buy GERMAGIC Thyme - The Award Winning Disinfectant 300ml Spray (Thyme Scent) - Keeps Disinfecting for up to 30 Days - Kills up to 99.99% of viruses and bacteria [Inventions Geneva 2018 Gold Medalist]  GERMAGIC Disinfectant 300ml Spray (Thyme Scent) - Keeps Disinfecting...



What is Germagic™?

GERMAGIC™ is the first product in the GERMAGIC™ series. It is an antimicrobial coating that gives "contact-killing", "release-killing" and "anti-adhesion" capabilities to HEPA filters. Unlike conventional antimicrobial technologies that completely rely on contact-killing, GERMAGIC™ releases Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) in a controlled-manner, allowing germicidal impact within the coating’s proximal area.


GERMAGIC™ is an extensive spectrum and is effective against bacteria, fungi, and viruses. GERMAGIC™ is most terrific to be effective against Avian Flu, Swine Flu, and the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus. GERMAGIC™ is also among the first HEPA filters to have passed through viral aerosol virucidal tests.


What is GERMAGIC™ Thyme?

GERMAGIC™ Thyme is our 2d product within the GERMAGIC series. It combines antimicrobial encapsulation with germicidal thyme essential oil for an extra long-lasting and durable effect.


Our research group has recognized thyme critical oil to be the maximum mighty among masses of different herbal critical oils. Thymol, a terpene from thyme, performs the outstanding position in thyme critical oil’s antimicrobial effect.


GERMAGIC™ Thyme is a huge spectrum and has been examined towards more than one bacteria, fungi and viruses. GERMAGIC Thyme was discovered to be powerful against Feline calicivirus (FCV), a surrogate for Norovirus. As FCV is a small, non-enveloped virus, it is amongst the most resistant to inactivation through disinfection. According to page 2-3 of the US EPA’s “Guideline to Registrants: Process for Making Claims Against Emerging Viral Pathogens Not on EPA-Registered Disinfectant Labels”, being capable of inactive FCV is equivalent to being able to inactive emerging coronaviruses, i.e. SARS-CoV-2.

GERMAGIC™ Thyme has been proven through third parties to be safe and powerful. It is a Hong Kong Eco Mark and Made in Hong Kong Mark product.



Frequestly Asked Questions:


Can GERMAGIC Thyme fight against the Novel Coronavirus Disease (SARS-CoV-2)?


US EPA and Health Canada has implemented test programs to evaluate disinfectants’ efficacy against the Novel Coronavirus. The “Gold Standard”, Feline calicivirus (FCV), is recommended to be the surrogate virus to substitute SARS-CoV-2. Germagic have already tested GERMAGIC Thyme against FCV in Australia and have achieved a >99.99% reduction rate, thus confirming GERMAGIC Thyme is effective against the Novel Coronavirus.


How can I acquire GERMAGIC Thyme in UK?


The Viral Cleaner is one the leading supplier of Germagic Thyme disinfectant sprays in UK both at retail as well as in bulk at wholesale rate. Buy from our online store or for bulk buy, contact us at +44 0207 118 0948 or email us at


Do I need to clean the surface before applying GERMAGIC Thyme?


While GERMAGIC Thyme can disinfect microbes on a contaminated surface, the coating is aimed at providing long-term protection. We recommend pre-cleaning the area of application so that our coating can firmly attach onto the desired area instead of debris laying on top of the area.


Should I continue to clean my table after applying GERMAGIC Thyme?


GERMAGIC Thyme is designed to complement and reinforce routine cleaning practice to provide a safe environment between cleanings. We recommend continuing surface cleaning by using a slightly damped cloth soaked with our Coating Reinforcer or with diluted bleach. Avoid using alcohol or detergents.


Will the coating expire sooner if there is lots of germs on my table?


While GERMAGIC Thyme releases thyme essential oil for disinfection, GERMAGIC Thyme can perform multiple route disinfection and does not rely solely on thyme essential oil. Moreover, we have previously conducted a 6-months experiment with Hong Kong hospitals and found that the partition curtains coated with our antimicrobial coating was able to maintain a more than 99% reduction in microbial count compared to uncoated curtains.


Can I pay less attention to my personal hygiene after applying GERMAGIC Thyme?


Although GERMAGIC Thyme provides long-term protection and reduces the chance of indirect transmission, personal hygiene still needs to be well-maintained. We should wash hands frequently, wear masks, take enough rests, etc., to be fully prepared to fight the pandemic.