Proactive vs Reactive Cleaning

If there's one thing we believe in at the Viral Cleaners, it's that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That's the reason our product lines are focused on preventative options, whether they're affordable disposable face masks or disinfectants.

With alcohol and bleach based products, there are a few drawbacks that leave us a little cold, not the least being that they pretty much only protect while they're still being applied. We're all busy, so why should we settle for constant cleaning and re-cleaning every day to stay on top of the spread of germs and viruses? Not only do long-lasting cleaning products save time in the long-run, unlike bleach and IPA alcohol, our products are all nontoxic and cutting edge cleaning solutions.

Let's take a look at the pros and cons of the two most common types of sanitisers and disinfectants (alcohol and bleach based), and then compare to our products.

Bleach Products

virus disinfectant

With bleach, it's clearly a volatile, hazardous chemical that necessitates care when used. Apart from the toxic fumes of bleach products, it's also not suitable for porous or painted surfaces, and can cause... well, bleaching when used on furniture and fabrics.

It's most commonly used for cleaning bathroom areas and nonporous surfaces like most floors and countertops, especially in domestic and commercial settings. It is not safe for use in skin-contact products like hand sanitiser.

When it comes to killing germs and viruses, it cannot be argued that bleach isn't effective. The active ingredient in bleach, sodium hypochlorite, is effective in killing bacteria, fungi, and viruses, including influenza virus, staphylococcus (which leads to staph infections), streptococcus (most known for causing strep throat), salmonella (which leads to diarrhea, fever, and stomach cramps), and even the common cold. To be effective, it's recommended that you pre-clean the surface to remove organic soils (such as food residue, body fluids) which can inactivate bleach, scrub the bleach onto the treatment area, and then remove after 10 minutes.

Verdict: While bleach is effective for nonporous surfaces, it does require pre-treatment. It's also important to note that while bleach treatment is effective for combatting the spread of all the above (and more), this is only a temporary solution. Bleach based cleaning solutions do not provide more than 24 hours of disinfection beyond the time of treatment.


Alcohol Products

hand sanitiser

Alcohol has a long history in sterilisation and cleaning, having been used by everyone from barbers to medical professionals to sterilise for hundreds of years. If you've ever looked at the ingredients of most general purpose disinfectants, you'll notice alcohol often features there too. For effective virus and germ management however, you will require mixtures with at least 70% isopropyl alcohol (IPA), which can neutralise viruses and other bacteria on a surface if left wet for at least 30 seconds.

With alcohol based solutions, one the main issues is the rapid evaporation rate of alcohol. When using high-concentration alcohol solutions, often they will evaporate before they can effectively kill the viruses or germs! Because of this, alcohol-based products are most often used for personal hygiene. The vast majority of hand sanitisers use alcohol, with varying efficacy.

Not only does alcohol dry out your skin, it also evaporates very quickly when applied to skin. Due to the physical state of most hand sanitisers, it is important to use proper application technique, ensuring an even coverage on the entire hand and wrist area- advice that many people just don't know or don't bother to follow. Once applied, alcohol has a very short effective lifespan.


Verdict: Cheap, accessible, and effective when used correctly, alcohol-based sanitisers have their uses. Unfortunately, bleach based formulas work better for most surfaces, improper application of hand sanitisers is easily done, and the effective lifespan once applied is quite short.


The Solution

At Viral Cleaners, we saw these drawbacks to the most commonly used products, and we said "not good enough". We aren't satisfied with just inactivating the germs that are on the surface or your hands, we want lasting protection as well. To that end, we are happy to provide proactive, long-lasting products to improve your sanitation and hygiene needs.



The antimicrobial properties of traditional disinfectants decline rapidly as the substances evaporate. As soon as someone touches that surface again, it’s a potential vector for disease transmission. These products are tough enough to kill on contact, as well as stick around to protect for weeks after!

Germagic Thyme Persistant Disinfectant
Size: 300ml
Protection: Contact Killing & Persistent (30 day) protection

Developed in partnership with the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (HKUST), Germagic Thyme is what's known as a MAP-1 disinfectant, mixed with biocidal Thyme essential oil. 

MAP-1 is a spray that coats and evaporates on surfaces, but it’s much more advanced than bleach or alcohol. The spray carries millions of polymer nanocapsules that adhere to surfaces and remain there after the carrier liquid has dried. These non-toxic capsules contain a disinfectant that remains in suspension until touched. The heat from a hand or moisture activates the capsules, releasing disinfectant onto the surface. It’s not only effective on coronavirus, but also on other viruses like measles and rubella and potentially dangerous bacteria. In testing, this product has been shown to kill >99.99% of viruses and germs including coronavirus, influenza, and more within 30 seconds of contact.

The nanocapsules can adhere to hard surfaces like door handles, countertops, and handrails, but it also works on soft materials like fabric, plastic, and more. The longevity of MAP-1 will vary based on how often someone touches it (and whether it's applied to a pre-cleaned surface), but HKUST says it can provide up to 90 days of protection. At Viral Cleaners, we recommend reapplying to high-use areas every 30 days to maintain protection.

This product is perfect for high-touch areas such as light switches, hand rails, doors & door handles, communal surfaces, vehicles, furniture, and more!

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NilAqua Antimicrobial Surface Spray
Contact Killing & Persistant (30 Day) protection

Nilaqua Antimicrobial Surface Spray is a fragrance & alcohol free hard surface / multi surface cleaner. It is effective within 30 seconds and a powerful germ killer (99.9999%). It is used daily in the NHS. This medical grade surface spray provides up to 30 days protection. It works on all surfaces with its non-tainting, food safe and halal-compliant formula.

Nilaqua® is EN1500 approved which means the bugs are tested on real people not just test tubes! EN1500 is the standard required by the NHS

The multi surface cleaner uses the latest Advanced Barrier Technology. This means that Nilaqua not only provides rapid kill against bacteria and viruses, but provides a residual barrier on the surface. This barrier continues to work for at least 30 days after the initial application.

This product is perfect for use on all sorts of surfaces.

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Personal Hygiene

Although widely used and available, traditional hand sanitisers have several drawbacks. It can adversely affect your skin, increase the absorption of toxic chemicals BPA after use, can contain paraben preservatives, and the inclusion of triclosan (an antibacterial agent) can even lead to the development of superbugs. Perhaps worst of all, it just isn't even that effective.

The products below have been selected for their broad usability, efficacy against viruses and germs, and as with other products, longer lasting protection than the competition.

INVIRTU Alcohol-Free Foam Hand Sanitiser
600ml & 5L
Protection: Contact Killing & Extended (up to 8 Hour) protection on skin

INVIRTU Hand Foam Sanitiser is a broad-spectrum, alcohol-free solution. It has been developed to be gentle on the skin and is clinically proven not to dry hands after repeated use. Dermatological testing conducted by independent experts confirms that INVIRTU Hand Foam Sanitiser helps to maintain the skin’s natural pH balance without the need for additional moisturising products.

Using INVIRTU Foam Hand Sanitiser as part of your hand hygiene protocol helps build compliance and reduce Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI) by protecting hands from cross-contamination between washes.

INVIRTU Hand Foam Sanitiser 600ml desktop bottle, with easy to use, push-down nozzle.  Designed to use within office buildings to keep workers healthy at shared hot desk areas, and a preferred size for healthcare bed-ends and trolleys.

Exceptional Antimicrobial Efficacy:

  • Kills 99.99% of common bacteria & viruses
  • Effective against VRE and CRE
  • EN 1500 (Hand rub disinfection, E.coli)
  • EN 1276 (Bactericidal)
  • EN13697 (Bactericidal)
  • EN 13624 (Yeasticidal)
  • EN 14476 Rotavirus, Influenza A (H1N1, Swine flu) Vaccinia viru
  • Residual antimicrobial protection for up to 8 hours confirmed via VitroSkin test.

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Nilaqua Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitiser- Plus Foaming Spray
100ml & 200ml
Protection: Contact Killing & Extended (up to 6 hours) Protection

the Nilaqua® EN1500 apporved alcohol-free product range is non-irritating to the skin, non-toxic, non-skin drying, non-flammable and allergen free. Nilaqua® Hand Sanitiser kills up to 99.9999% of germs like MRSA, C-diff and E-coli, salmonella and more in just 30 seconds, yet it’s gentle to the skin. The foaming effect also ensures easier distribution and coverage of the hands when compared to standard liquids or gels.

Nilaqua® also kills the dreaded winter vomiting bug known as NOROVIRUS and provides up to 6 hours protection on your hands. Nilaqua® is also tested food safe and skin safe and supplied to the NHS.


- Alcohol Free Sanitiser
- EN1500 Approved
- Non-irritating to the skin
- Allergen Free Sanitiser
- Non-flammable
- Won’t remove nail polish
- Compatible with religions that ban contact with alcohol
- Delicate Jasmine Fragrance
- Dries quickly
- Doesn’t leave an oily residue

Our Sanitiser kills germs fast, yet they remain gentle to the skin and won’t sting cuts or dry the skin.

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As you can see, we're not messing around when it comes to proactive sanitation and hygiene. Not only can our products be used by everyone (including followers of religions that ban alcohol), they stand head and shoulders above the competition in performance. When your life is busy, you may not have time to clean and disinfect every day, nor do you necessarily want to wash you hands ten times a day. When you don't have time to be reactive, get proactive about your health and sanitation with the Viral Cleaners!

When you think about the difference in performance and protection provided by these products, we think we also offer highly competitive pricing. Looking for a bulk or recurring order for your company? Contact our team at for special corporate pricing. Don't be shy- we're always happy to hear from our valued customers.